A Guide To Spiritual Wellness & True Transformation

A Path from Discovering Your True Course In Life To Capturing Your Prize Run Your Race to Win “Run, then, in such a way as to win the prize. “ 1 Corinthians 9:24 Choose Your Race Oswald Chambers said “the good is the enemy of the best”. Oftentimes we never awaken to our true purpose […]

What’s Your Why Not?

What's Your Why Not?

These days everybody is asking you to ask yourself what’s your why? All the experts contend that if we have a strong enough reason why, it will compel us to accomplish any goal we set out to achieve. Why do you want to lose the weight, why do you want to get out of debt, […]

The Significance of Self Discovery

Self Discovery

We are very complex individuals. One of the reasons we fail to achieve goals in our lives or to do the things we know we should do for better health, fitness, relationships, and finances is we are not just controlled by our logical mind. Before we can truly master any lasting change in our lives […]

Stop Living The American Dream And Start Living Your Own

As crazy as it sounds, many of us are going through life living someone else’s dream: our parent’s dream for us, grandma’s dream. or often the much sought-after “American Dream”.  Going to college when we don’t like school. Paying a car note we can barely afford. Living with someone we don’t especially like. Checking off […]

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Many of our issues stem from the fact that we want our lives to be completely comfortable and never feel uncomfortable. For example we want to be healthier and lose weight, but not if we have to deal with those uncomfortable hunger pangs and exercise. We want to save money and get out of debt, […]

An Ultimate Goal for Living

It would serve us all to do as William B. Irvine suggests in his book “A Guide to the Good Life” and that is have an ultimate goal for living.  Very similar to having a mission statement as all successful businesses have and as Stephen Covey suggested for “highly effectively people”.  In this way, we […]