What's Your Why Not?

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These days everybody is asking you to ask yourself what’s your why? All the experts contend that if we have a strong enough reason why, it will compel us to accomplish any goal we set out to achieve. Why do you want to lose the weight, why do you want to get out of debt, why, why, why?  Seemingly, if we can just figure out that ultimate why that alone will propel us to greatness and that success we have wanted for so long.  

Sadly, that doesn’t always do the trick, because sometimes we honestly can’t come up with any real compelling reason why.  Sure, we would love to live to see our grandkids grow up, love to have enough savings to cover an emergency with cash, love to get back into all those nice clothes we have in the closet…. Actually, we can come up with a ton of good reasons why we should accomplish our goals, yet for some reason success had been out of our reach thus far.

What’s Next?

How about in addition to asking “what’s your why”, we start asking “what’s your why not”?  Why haven’t I been able to achieve that elusive goal? Why have I not been successful even after several attempts. Why is it that I have made progress towards my goal and have actually seen success, yet I have not attained that coveted prize?  Why am I holding on to this weight, why am I perpetuating this paycheck to paycheck living cycle, why do I seemingly sabotage my relationships.  Why is it that I already know all the right things to do to achieve my goals, yet I can never do them for long?

Now, the answer to this question will not be a surface answer, because it is often deeply rooted in our subconscious mind.  It most likely will not come to us quickly, in fact it could be weeks before we receive the answer.  Actually, since we know we are not ultimately ruled by our rational minds, when we need an answer from within, we should list out all the logical answers and go ahead and mark those off the list. 

So Now What?

We can find comfort in knowing that each part of us including the subconscious and the ego believes that it is working in our best interest.  So, the answer we receive will be a sincere one and should bring some relief in just knowing.  The answer could come at a random time out of the blue while in the shower or while driving one day, or we can actively seek for it in meditation, silence, or through journaling. Nevertheless, if we seek, we will find.  Oftentimes, the answer that is uncovered will not propel us into action, however the real victory will be in the self-discovery, the ability to inquire of ourselves and receive an answer, the path to oneness within ourselves, and the much needed boost in self-love that we all can use. 


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What's Your Why Not?
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What’s Your Why Not?

These days everybody is asking you to ask yourself what’s your why? All the experts contend that if we have a strong enough reason why,

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